Cascina Ornati 2004 Entrance to Oven House 2004 Entrance Guest House 2004 Entrance to Cascina Ornati 2994 Solid Wood Kitchen 2005 The magnificent view compensates Fine Arts Coutyard during construction No comment Guest House 2005 Construction site Construction site/Crane Facade 2004 State of the Art Lighting Fitting State of the Art Water Pump

Die Cascina Ornati, unser Weinbauernhof im Piemont,

begegnete uns im Herbst 2004 wie auf dem ersten Photo zu sehen. Es war wohl Liebe auf den ersten Blick , was uns damals zum Erwerb der Ruine bewogen hat.

Falling in love at first glance

can sometimes turn out as a strange attitude, namely, if the beloved is a broken down building like this. After seven years of hands on we are convinced, that we picked a proper ticket.